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If you are thinking about selling your Rolex watch, there are a few things you need to know that we look for when buying any pre-owned Rolex watches. The tightness of the band is very important. A Rolex watch with a tighter, like new band will always be worth more than the same Rolex watch with an older looking, stretched out, looser band. The condition of the dial is important also. An original dial is always worth more than a refurbished dial, even if the original dial is not in pristine condition.

Original Rolex parts are one of the things we look for when we buy a Rolex watch. Add-on non-Rolex bezels, dials, and other accessories will not be worth as much as original Rolex parts and you will not get the best offer from us as if all parts were original Rolex; when you sell us your pre-owned Rolex watch. We prefer and look for original and authentic Rolex watches only.

Please note, there is not much difference in the value of your pre-owned Rolex watch when you sell it to us whether it is working or not. We are an expert watch repair facility and know how to make it work again. Therefore, whether your watch keeps time or not, we are interested in buying it.

We buy all models of pre-owned Rolex
We are looking for all Rolex watches in platinum, stainless steel, two-tone, white or yellow gold, and 14k or 18k gold. Another point to make is that we pay extra for the original Rolex box and papers. For those of you who would like to sell your Rolex and had the diligence to keep the original box and papers, you will receive more money.

For 40 years we have been servicing luxury watches, and right now we are in need of used Rolex watches.


If you would like to sell your Rolex watch, please call us now at 866.999.9178.

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