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The Bulova Oceanographer Devil Diver

When TAG Heuer announced the Heuer Autavia Cup back in the summer of 2016, it was praised as an intriguing new way for hardcore Heuer enthusiasts to have a voice in what vintage model the 2017 Autavia reissue take its design from. Needless to say, it went off without a hitch and the watch that ended up being released at Baselworld last year became a favorite for many. It even was nominated for the GPHG award for best chronograph. So, in the aftermath of TAG Heuer’s success in crowdsourcing its selection, it was more a question of when another brand would try something similar rather than if they would.

Bulova Devil Diver

A few months ago, we finally got our answer after receiving word that Bulova was partnering with Analog/Shift in a voting contest that would determine the next addition to the brand’s Archive Series (we’ve already seen the patriotic Chronograph C from last year and the Lunar Pilot Chronograph from 2016). The contestants? The Bulova Oceanographer Devil Diver, a Bull-Head Chronograph from 1970, and the 1970 Chronograph A “Surf Board.” After all the votes were counted from Bulova fans across the world, the Devil Diver was announced as the winner back in December. The coolest part of all this? Bulova decided to give the watch a mechanical movement.

Bulova Devil Diver

Out of the 666 watches, 30 will be engraved with the Analog/Shift logo on the case back and come with a special Analog/Shift strap.

Originally released in 1972, the Devil Diver grew in popularity and earned its nickname thanks to the 666 m water resistance rating printed on the dial. The new version remains accurate to its ‘70’s forebear in its design including a deliciously-vintage crosshair. Inside the watch, we have the automatic SW-220-1 AIG5 caliber, which uses a reliable Sellita movement as its base. The cushion-shaped watch comes in at 40 mm and has a bright orange dial that is immediately recognizable. It’s limited to 666 pieces and is priced at $1,525.

Read more https://www.watchtime.com/watch-to-watch/bulova-oceanographer-devil-diver-analogshift-2018-baselworld/

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